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sunset clouds online class

video replay of my step-by-step virtual foggy mountains painting class

Let’s get painting, friend

Art therapy is so important to me and it's something that everyone should be able to use. I use art to express myself in ways that maybe words can't. 

Every single virtual paint class I teach, I remind everyone that creating art is soooo good for you. There’s no wrong way to be creative. There’s no rule book that says “you cannot paint that because you’re not a *real* artist”.

Perfectionism was a real struggle for me, for a long time. Painting helped me through that. I realized there is no such thing as perfect art, but rather it is whatever you want it to be. I could allow myself to create without the fear of being perfect or doing everything right. 

Art is for everyone, and everyone deserves to do things that bring them joy. So create something with me. Ignore that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough to create🖤



In this class, challenge yourself to be creative and have fun with your art. Dedicate time to yourself, to have fun and not worry about being perfect.

Arastasia is so, so talented, and such a kind and beautiful soul. I’ve attended tons of her paint classes over the years, and she’s amazing at breaking down the steps and helping you create something you’re proud of, while encouraging to leave perfectionism behind and just be free, whimsical, and creative with it! I’ve also bought a few custom canvas paintings from Arastasia, and some of her own art prints, and all of them are hung around my desk, where I do a lot of my own creative work as a writer! Her paintings are gorgeous every time, remind me to let go of perfection, and inspire me to keep creating and chasing my dreams - every time I look up at them. And the art prints themselves are such good quality; they feel like the real thing with a thickness and texture that allows you to really appreciate the brush strokes, and they look great with or without a frame. She even does wedding paintings, and when I saw the sneak peak of our first kiss photo turned painting, my jaw dropped. 

She is SO good at what she does, whether she’s working purely with her own ideas and creativity, or you’ve given her a specific request. I can’t wait until I’m not renting anymore so I can have her paint a mural in my house one day!!I can’t recommend Arastasia enough. Her art, her skills, her customer service, and her personality in general are all top notch and everyone needs a little bit of her creativity in their life!

-Kate Sully

Art is for everyone.

You’ll learn how to...

I will walk you through creating some of my favorite pieces, by breaking it down step by step. 


I simplify my usual techniques- so this is perfect for artists at any stage! 


I provide you with a supplies list, so you know exactly what you need going in and there's no surprises! 


I will show you how to add finer details, and things like depth and dimension to take your artwork to the next level. 


I show you what brushes will achieve certain looks, how to blend colors and help guide you through what to use at what time. 


Real in class Q & A's from previous attendees, incase you have the same questions! 

Ok, feeling inspired to create?

Purchase your class access, get out your paints and brushes, follow my lead step by step and turn your blank canvas into a warm and glowy sunset!

This is just the start of what you can create.

Clouds are my personal favorite, I hope you love them as much as I do!


Reg. $20